In New Orleans

a new EP by Dan Andersen and Marco Katz
with Matthew Golombisky on bass and Charles Dexter Brewer II on drums

Marco Katz: In New Orleans
Photo: M. Elizabeth Boone

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About the Recording
In New Orleans features musical mixtures created by Marco Katz and Dan Andersen. On this half-hour EP, swing bumps up against “Obsesión,” a beautiful bolero by Pedro Flores, and the melodies and rhythms of jazz, rock, salsa, and cumbia seep into the other two tracks. Marco’s “Casey Dog Blues” provides a refreshing take on styles developed during the big band era and Dan’s “Flying Around” takes the music to that place called Beyond Jazz. New Orleans served as the great Caribbean host for these sessions, helping to keep the musicians hooked to traditions even as they endeavored an anticipation of what the French call l’avenir, what is to come.